Cleaning products linked to poorer lung function

Image copyright Getty Images Regular exposure to cleaning products significantly affects lung function, research has suggested. The study of 6,000 people by a team from Norway’s University of Bergen, found women appeared to be more badly affected than men. They said cleaning chemicals were “unnecessary” and microfiber cloths and water were “enough for most purposes”. […]

DNA tests for UK’s nuclear bomb veterans

Image caption Bob Fleming was just 24 when he witnessed one of the most powerful weapons on earth Decades ago they witnessed nuclear weapons tests in the South Pacific. Now some veterans hope new DNA testing will prove it was responsible for their subsequent ill health, which they say ruined their lives. “It was awe-inspiring, […]

Australia’s government at war as Barnaby Joyce hits back at prime minister’s ‘inept’ comments 

Barnaby Joyce, Australia’s deputy prime minister, has launched an extraordinary attack on Malcolm Turnbull, the prime minister, for making hurtful and “inept” comments  about his affair with an adviser, who is pregnant, as the scandal descended into all-out war in the ruling Coalition.  Rejecting Mr Turnbull’s suggestion that he should consider resigning, Mr Joyce, the […]