Khatta Meetha Chivda – Manjula’s Kitchen

  • Grind sugar, salt, citric acid and red chili powder together making sugar in to powder. And all the ingredients will be mixed evenly. Set aside.

  • Wash and pet dry curry leaves and let it air dry for at least 10 minutes or more.

  • In a frying pan take about 1” of oil and heat on medium heat. Oil should be moderately hot. Put about 1/4 cup of chivda in an oil, chivda should come up right away, (otherwise oil is not hot enough) as soon chivda comes up over oil, lower the heat to low and stir fry chivda till it doubles in size but remains white in color. Take out fried chivda in a strainer to drain out excess oil. Repeat the process and fry the remaining chivda.

  • In the same oil fry peanuts over low heat till they are light brown.

  • Fry the curry leaves until they are crisp.

  • Take another frying pan large enough to hold all the ingredients, put I teaspoon of oil in the pan over low heat. put turmeric stir and put chivda, keep mixing till it is mixed well and chivda will be light yellow turn off the heat and let the chivda come to room temperature.

  • Add peanuts, sugar mix, and crush the curry leaves over. Mix it gently until all the ingredients are incorporated well.

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